German Open

38th German Racquetball Open 2019

5th - 7th April 2019 in Hamburg

Sport Department
Barsbütteler Straße 43
22043 Hamburg

Starting Times:
Friday around 7.30 pm
Saturday around 9 am
Sunday around 9 am

Mens Open/A, Mens B, Mens C, Mens D/Beginners
Ladies Open/A, Seniors 35+, Masters 50+, Doubles
First round losers in Mens B drop into Mens C

Entry Fee:
35 Euros (25 Euros for juniors) incl.T-Shirt and one meal

Official Ball:
Ektelon Classic Black

Players may enter a maximum of two events.
Consolation may be offered if court time is available.

Wednesday 3rd April 2019, 5pm

The German Open 2019 are an official event of the
German Racquetball Federation and the European Racquetball Federation (ERF)